9 July 2019

SilverEco Ageing Well Awards: SilverFit finalist

SilverFit finalist of the Ageing Well awards.

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11 june 2019

Crowdfunding for SilverFit Alois

Johnny van Straaten from Apeldoorn started a crowdfunding to provide a sponsored SilverFit Alois to people with (an advanced stage of) dementia.

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28 March 2019

SilverFit Mile update

The new SilverFit Mile update offers a memory workshop and many new biking routes.

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22 february 2019

SilverFit 3D Update

The new SilverFit 3D update has a special focus on Parkinson’s disease. The exercises and settings were in large part built as a result of the SilverFit User Meeting on Parkinson’s (2017).

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22 january 2019

Presentation on the scientific evidence of SilverFit systems

SilverFit collaborates with different universities in The Netherlands and abroad to investigate specific research questions.

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12 March 2018

Older people exercise dedicatedly at Silverfitness Wijchen

Movement teacher Dennis Hopman started to work at Silverfitness Wijchen four years ago. This fitness room is located in the care center Meander. People aged 65 and over are having a great time exercising there.

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1 march 2018

What effect does exergaming have on people with dementia?

How effective is it for people with dementia to cycle on an interactive bike? SilverFit is cooperating in a research study conducted in daycare centers which aims at observing the effects of cycling in front of a screen.

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12 february 2018

Breathing exercises in intensive care

The SilverFit Flow is being tested in the intensive care unit of the Gelre Hospital. This new tool is a device offering fun breathing exercises designed to motivate people and help them recover faster

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5 February 2018

A passion for moving

Fitness specialist Lia Dekker tells us about her passion for her job and the beautiful moments her residents have on the SilverFit Mile

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22 january 2018

Muscle atrophy: underdiagnosed, and rarely treated

Although muscle atrophy (sarcopenia) can have a serious impact, especially on older people, the disease is rarely treated. It is time to take action on this

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