The SilverFit mile includes an enormous diversity of films recorded worldwide. A route lasts in between 30 - 70 minutes . A film can start at several moments in the route to enable to create a different experience during each session. Many people enjoy cycling in their own familiar environment. You can order a film to be made of your environment which SilverFit can then integrate into the SilverFit Mile.

Mile AlbertaRockies  Alberta Rockies (USA)
Mile AmericanSouthwestAmerican Southwest 1 (USA)
Mile AmericanSouthwest1American Southwest 2 (USA)
Mile Amsterdam  Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Mile AngelsCrest Angels Crest (Canada)
Mile BarendrechtBarendrecht (Netherlands)
Mile BergenOpZoom Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands) 
Mile BetuweBetuwe (Dutch countryside)
Mile BlossomingrouteBetuwe Blossoms (Dutch countryside)
Mile BilthovenBilthoven (Netherlands)
Mile ZooBlijdorpBlijdorp Zoo (Netherlands)
Mile BrielleBrielle (Netherlands)
Mile BritishColumbiaCoastBritish Columbia (Canada)
Mile BuenosAiresBuenos Aires (Argentina)
Mile ChicagoChicago (USA)
Mile CostaRicaCosta Rica
Mile DenBoschDen Bosch (Netherlands)
Mile DeventerDeventer (Netherlands)
Mile DutchcanaltripDutch canals (Netherlands)
Mile Four seasons in the woodsFour seasons
Mile GermanyGermany
Mile GroningenGroningen (Netherlands)
Mile HeelHeel (Netherlands)
Mile Heeswijk DintherHeeswijk-Dinther (Netherlands)
Mile National Park Hoge VeluweHoge Veluwe, National Parc (Netherlands)
Mile HoutenHouten (Netherlands)
Mile IJsselsteinIJsselstein (Netherlands)
Mile KinderdijkKinderdijk, Windmills (Netherlands)
Mile LekdijkLekdijk (Netherlands)
Mile LosAngelesLos Angeles (USA)
Mile MaastrichtMaastricht (Netherlands)
Mile MahoneBay CanadaMahone Bay (Canada)
Mile MolenbeeksepadMolenbeek (Netherlands)
Mile SouthIslandNewZealand New Zealand
Mile NorthernItalyNorth Italy 
Mile NuthNuth (Netherlands)
Mile Oisterwijkse bossenOisterwijk (Netherlands)
Mile OosterbeekOosterbeek (Netherlands)
Mile PanamaPanama
Mile ParisParis (France)
Mile PatagoniaPatagonia (Argentina)
Mile Patagoni ChiliPatagonia (Chile)
Mile Ravello ItalyRavello (Italy) 
Mile Roosendaal CentrumRoosendaal (Netherlands)
Mile RotterdamRotterdam (Netherlands)
Mile Rotterdam ZuidRotterdam South (Netherlands)
Mile Boulevard ScheveningenScheveningen beach (Netherlands)
Mile Schiphol AirportSchiphol Airport (Netherlands)
Mile SwissAlpsSwiss Alps (Switzerland)
Mile SydneySydney (Australia)
Mile TaiwanTaiwan
Mile DenHaagThe Hague (Netherlands)
Mile DenHaagFietstochtThe Hague , bicycle (Netherlands
Mile TierradelFuegoTierra del Fueago (Argentina)
Mile TilburgTilburg (Netherlands)
Mile TrinityMountainsTrinity Mountains (USA)
Mile TurnhoutBelgieTurnhout (Belgium)
Mile UtrechtUtrecht (Netherlands)
Mile VlissingenVlissingen (Netherlands)
Mile WalsallEngelandWalsall (United Kingdom)
Mile WijchenWijchen (Netherlands)
Mile Zeist

Zeist (Netherlands)



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