Benefits of the SilverFit Alois:

- Suitable for people up to and including the third phase of dementia.

- Accessible and easy to use for people with physical limitations.

- Contains a very large diversity of activities: physical, cognitive, social, emotional and relaxation.

- The SilverFit Alois is very easy to operate thanks to the touchscreen.

- Contains both individual activities and activities for small and large groups.

- The 3D camera makes it possible to train very different movements.

- Your own photos and videos can be added for an even more personal experience.

- A personal activity palette can be created with the preferences of a resident.

- Participants are offered the activities on a personal level by the system.

- The mobile standard makes it possible to use the SilverFit Alois at any desired location.

- New activities and updates regularly appear for the SilverFit Alois.

- All activities have been developed on the basis of scientific research and improved on the basis of experiences of care staff.

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